Recent talks and conference participations


Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), Norway

Armenia/ Azerbaijan Contact Group, Georgia

International Studies Association, USA

Center for Security Governance, Canada

African Studies Association, UK

Chatham House, UK

Wilton Park, UK


Development Research Institute, New York University

USAID, South Sudan

Institute of Advanced Studies, Nantes

European Conference on African Studies, Paris

Conflict Research Society, Kent

Medact Health Through Peace, London


Association of Borderlands Studies, Finland/Russia

Sudan/ South Sudan conference, Hermannsburg, Germany

CERI, France

The Asia Foundation, Myanmar

Centre for Poverty Analysis Symposium on “Post-War Development in Africa and Asia”, Colombo, Sri Lanka

African Studies Association UK Biannual Conference, Brighton, UK

Oxford Programme on Comparative Media Law and Policy, Oxford, UK

Sussex University

Intstitute of Development Studies, Sussex

New York University

Center for International Law Research and Policy, New Delhi


Sudan Policy Group, University of Durham, UK

“Perceptions of government and why it matters to policy”

International Council on Human Rights, Switzerland

“Why policies to support women in politics fall flat”

The World Peace Foundation, USA

“Reflections on the impact of Kony2012”

Chatham House, UK

“After the reshuffle: Towards democratization and development?”

Danish Institute for International Studies, Copenhagen

“Information and authority in South Sudan’s Western Equatoria State”

Harvard Kennedy School, Indicators in Development

“Measuring justice and security and the evidence agenda”

European Conference on African Studies, Lisbon

“How to deal with fluidity in peace processes”

“Round table on fieldwork in conflict situations”

World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, Istanbul

“The fear factor is a main thing: Security information and authority”

“Understanding multiple marginalisation in South Sudan”

‘Justice is good behaviour and our king: Institutional voids in Western Equatoria”

“Round table on engaging with non-state actors”

Tufts University

“Understanding the broader implications of the LRA conflict”

Oxford University

“Information and authority in South Sudan’s Western Equatoria State”


Chatham House, UK

“Kony’s LRA: From campaign to policy”

Tufts University, USA

“Making Peace with the LRA”

The Frontline Club, UK

“Is Invisible Children’s Kony2012 campaign baloney?”

Oxford University/ Annenberg School Summer School on Media Policy, Oxford, UK

“Mainstream Reporting and Policy Responses”

The World Bank Roundtable on Community-Driven Development, Juba, South Sudan

“South Sudan’s Development Gaps”

Rift Valley Institute Sudan Course, Kenya

“Justice systems in South Sudan”

The World Bank Seminar on the Justice, Security and Development Nexus, Washington, D.C., USA

“South Sudan’s Development Gaps”

African Borderlands Research Network/ University of Edinburgh, UK

“Uganda’s army in Sudan”


Humanitarian Studies Conference, Boston, USA

Panel: The new kind of intervention in conflict areas

DESTIN 25th Anniversary conference, London, UK

“South Sudan’s balloting rituals and the crisis of developing democracy”

European Conference on African Studies, Uppsala, Sweden

“Depoliticising secession: The case of South Sudan” 

The Royal African Society, London, UK

“What next after the referendum? Democratic transition in South Sudan”

Advocates for Development, London, UK

“South Sudan’s crisis of developing democracy and Rule of Law”